Réservoir liquide lave-glace Polaris

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Réservoir liquide lave-glace universel

Marque: Polaris

État: Neuf

Quincaillerie pour installation incluse, ensemble d'essuies-glaces vendus séparément

Fait sur:

RANGER CREW® 800 - (MY10 - MY14)
RANGER CREW® 800 EPS - (MY10 - MY14)
RANGER CREW® Diesel - (MY11 - MY14)
RANGER XP® 800 - (MY10 - MY12)
RANGER XP® 800 EPS - (MY10 - MY14)
RANGER® 500 EFI - (MY09 - MY10)
RANGER® 6X6  - (MY16 - MY16)
RANGER® 6X6 700 EFI - (MY09 - MY10)
RANGER® 700 EFI - (MY09 - MY09)
RANGER® 800 6X6 - (MY10 - MY14)
RANGER® 800 HD EPS - (MY10 - MY13)
RANGER® Diesel - (MY11 - MY13)

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*New Polaris universal winshield windshield washer kit, mounting hardware included. See list above for fitment. 

Get a good view of what's out in front of you by keeping your windshield clean with this Windshield Washer Kit. It's similar in operation to an automotive Windshield Washer, with a remote fluid reservoir, a control switch mounted in front of the driver and spray nozzle that mounts along the rim of the windshield. Use it in conjunction with a windshield wiper (sold separately) to keep the windshield clean and give you the best view of what's in front of you.